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How to set up a website

The following lessons show you how to set up a web site in 4 easy steps.

EASY STEP 1 - Get a domain name

EASY STEP 2 - Find a web host

EASY STEP 3 - Design a web page

EASY STEP 4 - Upload a web page

One of the best ways to set up a website is start with a template which you can then modfiy with your own text and images.

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Other ways to set up a website

  1. Online web builder - Many web hosts offer a free website builder like Site Studio which come with a choice of templates for your pages, included in the web hosting package. This gives you limited control of what you can change but you don't need to learn much about HTML or web page code.

  2. Set up Wordpress on your own site - Although Wordpress is a blogging platform it is fast becoming synonymous with a content management system - With thousands of wordpress templates to choose from you are bound to find one which suits your website. Choose this option if you want to post a LOT of content and create a lot of web pages. Using a content management system like Wordpress will save you so much time in the long run.

  3. Get a free website just like this one - all ready made for you to start selling affiliate produtcts. If you just want to set up a site to earn some income online from affiliate programs - choose this option.

  4. Get a turnkey solution SiteBuild It! is the best turnkey solution you can get if you want to a solution that allows you to set up a website without any experience and furthermore, allows you to promote it on the search engines. There are hundreds of other solutions out there and we have tried many of them - none of them have the power of SiteBuild It. It does cost more but it is worth it if you are serious about building an online presence fast.

  5. website builder scripts - choose this option only if you already know a lot about web development - it shows you how to use a script to create hundreds of new pages. However bear in mind there is no point in creating these pages unless you go in and modify them with your own unique content.

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