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Upload a web page with FTP

If you have saved your web pages on your computer, there is one step left to make your pages visible to the world. You need to upload your web pages to your web host. This is done using an FTP progam.

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. This page shows you how to upload a file using FTP. There are lots of FTP software programs available, and they will work on similar principles. With each you will need the IP address of your web host, your username and your password.

There are a number of good free FTP programs available. In fact many website design programs come with in-built FTP "publishing" tools.

Kompozer comes with an in-built FTP program which allows you to easily publish your pages to your website after creating them. The Web Page Design Club has a series of videos on how to create a site including step by step publishing with FTP to your web host.

It is very convenient to use a website design tool with built in FTP but you can also get specialised FTP software.

Specialized FTP Software

These stand-alone programs allow you to see your files in one window and the files you have uploaded in another window. This is useful because it allows you to see how the folders are set up on your web host. The download is free for 30 days and there are many freeware or shareware versions available.

  • WSFTP - This is very widely used and is an excellent FTP client.
  • CuteFTP - Also excellent
  • Fetch - for the Mac.

Whatever software you use to upload your web pages you will need 3 pieces of information, an FTP account, username and password.

Our site also provides you with a web page editor called Web Page Teacher which you can download when you subscribe to the newsletter. This has its own built-in FTP program and the following tutorial shows you how to upload a web page using this software.

Example of uploading a file

In the following example I show how to upload a file with Web Page Teacher beause you can download it free when you subscribe to our newsletter.

This assumes you have already created a web page to upload. If not just follow these instructions when you open Web Page Teacher.

After opening up, it will give you the following options...

  • Important! Do this first...
  • Create a new web page
  • Open Web Page
  • Create your first web page in 5 minutes
  • Help Me! I don't know what to do...

Click on "Important! Do this first.. and it will prompt you to create a folder to store your web pages in. You can enter any name here such as My-Website.

Next click on "Create your first web page in 5 minutes". This will open an interactive tutorial which guides you through creating your first webpage using HTML and explains what each HTML tag is for. After 5 minutes you will have chosen the colours for your first web page, added a title, an image, a paragraph, and a couple of links.

Now Select "Publish to the Internet". A window pops up. Select "Website Server" and then "Connect"

FTP software

You need to enter 4 pieces of information: your FTP address, your FTP username, your FTP password, and the www-folder on your web host that you want to upload the files to. The ftp address, username and password will normally be given to you by your web host when you sign up for a hosting account.

The FTP address is usually ftp.your-domain-name.com where your-domain-name.com is the name you have registered with the web host. If you have only just registered your domain name then since it takes 24 hours or so for your new domain to be propogated on the web, you may be given an ftp address that looks something like in which case you would just enter this instead.

The "www-folder" name is usually the "root" folder on your web space so you can probably leave it blank. However some web hosts will set up a folder called "html" or "www" or "public_html" where your main files should go. Your web host should also give you this information when you sign up. We use International Website Hosting because it is very simple to use - and if you do have any problems their support answers any questions you may have within 1 hour.

Next click on "Connect" and if the details you have entered above are correct you should see a window showing your .html web page files and folders (that you have previously created). If not you need to check your details. (Your password is case sensitive).

Now you need to right click with your mouse on the files you want to upload (you can select multiple files by hodling down the Ctrl key on your keyboard) and select "Upload".

FTP software

That's it - You have successfully uploaded your website to your web host!


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